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What Sets Us Apart - Best Eating Disorder Treatment Program

What about us? As the best eating disorder treatment program Rebecca’s House believes for recovery to happen you must address and heal the, mind, body, feelings & emotions, family and work and purpose. We use an exceptional and comprehensive approach to meet these goals with our clients and have developed what we feel is the best eating disorder treatment program available. In the initial stages psychotherapy and medication management help to address the mind, body, feelings and emotions. However, nutrition, healthy levels of exercise, and fun also repair and support health in these areas.

Healing the family is a core goal at Rebecca’s House. In fact, the client’s situation is really an offering for the family to heal. Much of the family’s attention has been turned to the client. That attention is generally filled with control (even though they might feel out of control), anger and fear.  Healing must happen in order for the family to have relief from those feelings and to be able to adequately support the client in their newfound recovery and build a new rapport with the client that is free to express, love, compassion, gratitude and a genuinely fulfilling relationship.
Finally, nearly all clients who come to us feel a serious void in purpose. If there is no purpose there is no value in maintain recovery. Work and purpose comes in many forms and meets a variety of needs. Many find purpose from multiple sources. For instance, some actually find it at work, in volunteering, belonging to a social or purpose driven group, defining or finding their roles in and with family, belonging to a recovery community and participating in community groups centered on their recovery.  In fact, it a client is able to hardwire multiple sources of purpose prior to leaving treatment they have a much stronger sense of purpose.
Research shows that the many clients who seek treatment attend for 30 days and these clients have a hard time with reintegration when they return home. In addition, with the limited 30 day stay many hardly have enough time to even identify all they need to do to heal the needs above much less begin the necessary work to reach these goals. At Rebecca’s house we hope for at least a 90 days stay for our clients. It is proven the longer a client stays in treatment the greater chance they have for recovery for a lifetime.  We want to see our clients build a solid foundation. While the time in treatment might be hard for some to commit to, it could save repeated treatment episodes later. Our signature programs are designed to meet these goals with our clients, time provides the landscape to allow us to grow the health our clients need to recovery from their eating and co-occurring disorders.