Letter from the Founder

I found out I had an eating disorder from reading a magazine article. I experienced two conflicting emotions at the time. One was RELIEF. There was a name for the way I had been eating and other people have it too. The other emotion was PANIC! I was terrified that other people would find out I had an eating disorder and make me quit. I knew no other way to cope with life. I thought that I would not have the pleasure of zoning out and not feeling just for a little while. I didn’t know how life would be without using my eating disorder. There were no treatment centers for eating disorders at the time. The best help available was confining you and monitoring every breath you took. So I continued in my eating disorder for years. Over the years I have met clients with the same reactions. We want to quit, but how can we?

I look back on my twenty+ years of recovery and the thousands of other Rebecca’s House client’s recovery and I am so grateful for my life’s path. I see how my terrible experience has become a blessing. After a few years of recovery I went back to school and attended one of the finest universities in the country. I wanted to become a licensed therapist. I wanted to learn everything about eating disorders. But sadly there was only one day of class that we studied eating disorders. The amount of eating disorder education you get to have a license is not enough. Over the past two decades I have attended and spoken at eating disorder conferences around the world.

At Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ I wanted people who had the degrees and licenses but also had years of eating disorder recovery themselves. It has been so valuable in helping our clients. They know that we know eating disorders. It isn’t just something we read in a book. It is so important that you know the therapist you are talking to really does know and understands eating disorders. It removes the shame and guilt that is associated with eating disorders. It also provides hope. You see that recovery for a lifetime is possible and that you can have a normal life, free from the eating disorder.

One important factor which separates us from other eating disorder treatment programs is our team of licensed professionals. The therapists, psychologist, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, medical doctor, yoga, art and equine instructors all have a passion to help others with eating disorders. They really care and have an exceptional knowledge base to guide clients into eating disorder recovery.  Rebecca’s House still uses the cutting edge Diets Don't Work® program* that I have refined over the years. It is being used in several different treatment programs, but no one can teach it like me and my team. Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ provides lasting recovery solutions, not just while you are here but solutions to use for a lifetime.

Another factor that sets us apart is our emphasis on living life in the real world. We are here to guide you as you encounter the stresses of daily living by allowing you exposure to normal living situations at different phases. Anyone can stay in recovery when they are shielded from the real world and forced to do it, but that's only temporary recovery. We need to learn to take our recovery and build a life for ourselves. Because of our central location, clients can walk to businesses, entertainment, mall, and job opportunities. There are major universities, junior colleges, vocational training, 12-Step meetings, and of course the beach, within a few miles. This is extremely important for the last phases of your recovery.

When our clients complete any one of our eating disorder programs, they are welcomed and encouraged to attend our aftercare and support groups free of charge for life! Many of our local alumni come to the house or treatment center and share their experience, strength, and hope with the current clients. Some share apartments, job leads, sponsors, and social networks. We have a thriving eating disorder recovery community.

Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ offers a unique spectrum of programs for those suffering from an eating disorder. We offer different phases of treatment so we can meet you were you are on your recovery path now. We have our Extended Care, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Partial Day Treatment Programs, Family Support Groups, and beautifully appointed transitional living, Living in Recovery residences.

We want you to reclaim the person you were meant to be and live life to the fullest without the battles with addictions, emotions, food, and body image. We are waiting to help you. You are not alone. We know. We have been where you are. You can do this! Let us show you how. Call us at 1-800-285-4642.


* The reason I picked the title Diets Don’t Work® is because most clients started their eating disorder with a diet. At least 35% of people who go on a diet end up with an eating disorder.