Eating Disorder

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Our clinical mission is to reach clients using a multi-modal systematic approach that adequately assesses, addresses, educates, heals and provides tools and the landscape to use them in practice for reclaiming individuality, independence and health from their eating disorder.

We measure the success of our eating disorder programs on how our clients:

  • Become more self-aware of their body, feelings, and individual food triggers
  • Deal with issues that are contributing to the disordered eating without using food
  • Become more engaged in the outside world
  • Identify emotional eating and substitute appropriate alternatives
  • Focus on internal indicators of well-being rather than external ones
  • Reduce obsessive thoughts of food, weight, finding diets that work, and body image
  • Calm and center themselves and communicate their needs in an assertive, compassionate manner
  • Use food for physical nourishment and understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger
  • Eat when hungry and stop when full
  • Determine healthy portion sizes, make healthy food choices, and learn the effects of different foods on their bodies and emotions

Our moral and staff mission is to reach as many people as we can to help in their journey to health and to educate as many families and professionals in how they can best help someone else.


Our Core Value Philosophy

Our treatment organization facilitates Respect, Dignity, Collaboration and Compassion in all we do and with all of those we meet inside and outside of our eating disorder programs.


We believe in the value, worth, and dignity of all people. Rebecca's House espouses respect of one's self and adhering to these concepts intra-personally. We respect the diversity of races and cultures, belief systems and practices, and the different religious faiths of the people and communities we serve. We accept others as fellow human beings, affirm the rights of others, foster a safe environment, and maintain integrity during all of our interaction with others.


We exhibit dignity in how we relate to one another, how we take care of ourselves and how we support each other to live to our highest potential. We hold our clients and their families in the highest regard often times until they find their own self-esteem and dignity again. We honor each other’s light and always reach for our higher self in all that we do, say, and create.


We cooperate with other service providers and other systems that also give support and care to the clients and communities we serve. Through collaboration we cultivate the trust that is essential to building relationships with our clients and their families. We endeavor to model leadership and competency while building strong working relationships and connections within our own staffing team to better serve our clients.


We believe in a model of full recovery in which we all participate. In responding to an ill person, we find an opportunity for catering, connection, and compassion present in relationships. We feel this extends not only to those seeking help, but also to friends, families, caregivers, and staff members. We seek to empower, and are committed to showing empathy, help and hope for all people.