Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Staff & Consulting Team Members

Dr. Imani J. Walker
Consulting Physician

Dr. Imani J. Walker is a physician trained in General Adult Psychiatry. She has had the honor of completing her undergraduate training at Xavier University of Louisiana as well as earning a Master's in Science in Public Health from Tulane University. Dr. Walker later obtained her medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her training at esteemed medical institutions including Temple University and UCLA.

After completing a fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry, she continued on to open a private practice in Southern California and ultimately went on to caring for acutely ill psychiatric patients including those with substance abuse issues and eating disorders as well as providing mental health care to the homeless and indigent populations.

Dr. Walker also has experience in the emotional impact of racism on people of color, hailing from a mixed race Black Jamaican and Chinese family herself. In addition to Dr. Walker’s medical experience, she also has a witty personality and is able to speak in laymen’s terms in order to relate to her audience. Her personality not only shines through her work, but also through her writing.  She has written about mental health and holistic wellness and has been featured as a guest commentator on Gawker, The Grio, The Root and others.

Dr. Walker lives in Los Angeles and is currently a cast member of “Married To Medicine: Los Angeles” debuting on Bravo Network in March 2019.

Dr. Nicole Karst 
​Assistant Clinical Director

Dr. Nicole Karst has 17 years of combined experience in the health and mental health fields.  After completing her service in the military as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman she started a career in nursing.  It was through her nursing experience that she began working with those diagnosed with eating disorders, substance use disorders, psychotic disorders, and mood disorders.  This experience inspired Dr. Karst’s academic pursuits in her doctoral degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology. Dr. Karst’s comprehensive ability to clinical direct the daily care for each client through tailoring program features, family support and client progress and challenges for client recovery growth supports the clinical excellence in the services Rebecca’s House provides.

Dr. Karst joined the leadership team at Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Program from Casa Palmera.  Dr. Karst combines a psychodynamic case conceptualization with cognitive behavioral interventions, guided imagery, logotherapy and somatic awareness in her treatment approach.  Her attention, training and expertise to eating disorder treatment includes individual and group therapy, psychodiagnositic assessments, mindfulness meditation, and medical assessing/monitoring of complications. She works with those she serves to cultivate their ability to eat intuitively, exercise mindfully, engage life with purpose and meaning, and discover who they are in the absence of a maladaptive behaviors.

Nancy De Andrade, PhD, OM
Spiritual Program Development, Therapeutic Life Coach
Dr. Nancy De Andrade is an Ordained Minister with a Doctorate in Psychology and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her extensive training includes Eastern and Western methodologies to help you balance your mind, body and spiritual life. It combines diverse traditions that address the psycho-physical energy system and clears the blockages or disruptions in the energy flow, including the layers of subtle energy in the body field. Her use of techniques such as meditation, expressive arts, acupressure, chakra balancing, prana clearing, energy psychology and many other complementary methods helps her access the subconscious and uncover fears, patterns, belief systems and energy blockages that won’t allow you to experience your full potential. If not addressed, these patterns and negative beliefs can block major energy centers, distort your thinking and produce emotional and physical symptoms such as illness, depression, anxiety and phobias. Dr. Nancy has a keen intuition and a spiritual understanding that allows her to tap into the divine spiritual wisdom and help others re-connect with their authentic self and soul purpose.
Dr. Ryan Wright
Board Certified Psychiatrist Consultant

Dr. Wright is a Board Certified Psychiatrist currently practicing in Newport Beach, CA.  He provides general psychiatric services for adult patients who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, thought disorders and eating disorders. 

For every new patient, Dr. Wright provides a comprehensive initial psychiatric assessment and offers subsequent mental health treatment, including medication management and individual psychotherapy.

Teresa Kurth, RD
Consulting Registered Dietitian
Teresa Kurth has worked in the field of nutrition, wellness and food service for over eight years. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Bradley University, and minored in business and health.  During her studies she discovered a passion for working with people struggling with disordered eating.  As a result, she worked as a cook at McCallum Place and completed her dietary internship at the Emily Program in Minnesota and most recently the staff Registered Dietition at Casa Palmera.  She joined the treatment team at Rebecca’s House in 2018.  She teaches an “all foods fit” philosophy and is passionate to help people cultivate a healthy relationship with food.
Mary McKenzie, L.M.F.T., M.Ed.
Family Systems, Self Parenting Workshop
Mary McKenzie is a seasoned therapist who specializes in self-parenting, family of origin and inner child work. Her expertise is especially helpful for our clients who have experienced a “failure to launch” or with our clients with past or current trauma. Mary received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Creative Writing from Lewis-Clark State College, and a Masters of Education in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Idaho. Mary is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and feels empowering others in their inner healing and recovery is the best resource she can provide during their course of treatment.
April Dona, MA​
Primary & EMDR Therapist​
April Dona provides EMDR for our clients with eating disorders, anxiety and trauma. This specialty therapy is highly effective to reach the core issues through a gentle therapeutic process. April also specializes in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) which is a unique and powerful approach to treating a variety of issues. We have found the experienced equine therapy and EMDR to be effective in helping people overcome anxiety and depression, heal from trauma and eating disorders, while providing profound insight into how one functions in relationships. April has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Biblical Studies from Biola University, and a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University.
Susy Sellers, B.A.
Outreach & Marketing Coordinator
Susy has worked in addiction treatment as well as eating disorder treatment centers in community management in direct client care. In her current position, her Colorado upbringing provides her strong community values and friendly disposition. That coupled with her incredible sense of humor always draws attention to her presentations in driving eating disorder awareness. Susy’s passion to reach out and help at every turn makes her so valuable to our team and so many that she is able to reach out to to get the help finding their path to recovery.  She has helped many clients, families, and therapists find the right programs for themselves, family members or their clients.
Rebecca Cooper, LMFT #42898
Professional Educator & Founder
Rebecca is the gifted author of the Diets Don't Work® structured program. Her creative, unique, and intuitive approach to the life threatening problem of disordered eating has profoundly changed the way this devastating illness is treated. Her extensive experience has enabled her to develop this highly successful program which internalizes new eating behaviors. It is being used by several recovery homes, therapists, eating disorder treatment programs and their clients and is 12-Step compatible. Rebecca was also the first IAEDP Chair President - Orange County and is currently an IAEDP approved Certified Eating Disorder Specialist supervisor (CEDS-S) and international speaker. To learn more about Rebecca's vision and devlopment of Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs click here.