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Dr. Nicole Karst Joins Rebecca's House

It is our pleasure to announce the addition of Dr. Nicole Karst, Assistant Clinical Director to our team at Rebecca’s House.

Dr. Nicole Karst has 17 years of combined experience in the health and mental health fields. After completing her service in the military as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman she started a career in nursing. It was through her nursing experience that she began working with those diagnosed with eating disorders, substance use disorders, psychotic disorders, and mood disorders. This experience inspired Dr. Karst’s academic pursuits in her doctoral degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology. Dr. Karst’s comprehensive ability to clinical direct the daily care for each client tailoring program features, family support and client progress and challenges for client recovery growth is beyond reproach.

Dr. Karst joined the leadership team at Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Program from Casa Palmera. Nicole combines a psychodynamic case conceptualization with cognitive behavioral interventions, guided imagery, logotherapy and somatic awareness in her treatment approach. Her attention, training and expertise to eating disorder treatment includes individual and group therapy, psychodiagnositic assessments, mindfulness meditation, and medical assessing/monitoring of complications. She works with those she serves to cultivate their ability to eat intuitively, exercise mindfully, engage life with purpose and meaning, and discover who they are in the absence of a maladaptive behaviors.