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  • Intuitive Eating

    LA Parent Magazine- August Issue; Christina Elston

    By Rebecca Cooper, MA, MFT, CCH, CEDS
    Founder, Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™
    Author, Diets Don't Work ®

    When we come into this world we know when we are hungry and when we are full. Try to get a baby to eat when it is not hungry or be a few minutes late for feeding and notice the baby’s behavior. We come into this world in touch with our appetite. We are intuitive eaters by nature, but some lose that ability at a very young age.

  • Creating Boundaries: One Step on the Path to Freedom from Disordered Eating

    By Rebecca Cooper, MFT, CEDS

    Boundaries are imaginary or real lines around our physical, emotional, or spiritual self that set limits for us and how we interact with others. Imaginary lines protect our thinking, feelings, and behavior. Real lines allow us to choose how close we allow others to come to us, as well as if and how we allow them to touch us. Boundaries help distinguish what our responsibilities are and are not. 

  • Eating Disorders Can Be Deadly

    By Rebecca Cooper, MFT, CCH, CEDS

    ELEVEN MILLION people in the U.S. have an eating disorder, and you may never suspect it by their physical appearance. Here are the major types of eating disorders, and symptoms and behaviors to look for.

  • Relationships and Recovery

    By Rebecca Cooper, MFT, CCH, CEDS

    I have learned many things about myself that I did not know when I had my eating disorder. One is that food was my best friend, my primary relationship. I went to food like some people go to a trusted friend or confidant.

    When Food Is Your Primary Relationship

    Relationships take time and energy to develop, but so does disordered eating. I spent so much time around the thoughts of what or what not to eat, actually eating, and then hiding what I had done, that I didn't have the necessary time to create healthy, authentic relationships.

  • The Binge Cycle: Breaking Free

    By Rebecca Cooper, MFT, CCH, CEDS

    We develop patterns of behavior early in life. We start associating certain events with certain behaviors. One such pattern is our behavior with food. Being fed by our parents when we were young may come to represent being cared for or being loved. On the other hand, not being fed when we were hungry may have produced a deep insecurity about whether there would be enough food in the future.

  • Diet or Eating Disorder?

    By Rebecca Cooper, MFT, CCH, CEDS

    Have you ever dieted? More than once?

    Most of the methods we may have tried to control our eating have not worked long term. I hope to explain why diets don’t work, show how diets lead to eating disorders and present some ideas for you to consider that do work.

  • Holiday Tips for Sensible Eating

    By Rebecca Cooper, MFT, CEDS

    Before the holidays start you may be looking for that perfect diet. You may want to look your best for the family and friends you have not seen since the last holiday season. You have to lose those ten pounds you gained since last year. So you diet and restrict as the holidays approach.


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