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  • The Binge Eating Cycle: Breaking Free

    We develop patterns of behavior early in life. We start associating certain events with certain behaviors. One such pattern is our behavior with food. Being fed by our parents when we were young may come to represent being cared for or being loved. On the other hand, not being fed when we were hungry may have produced a deep insecurity about whether there would be enough food in the future.

  • Unique Kinds of Therapy for Difficult Disorders

    For someone that suffers from an eating disorder like anorexia, there are a lot of beliefs that they have that would need to be challenged in order for them to recover.  They could have a lot of negative beliefs about themselves that keep them locked in the cycle of their disorder and makes it hard for them to move forward.  Making progress in a treatment center could involve many different types of therapy and methods that will slowly change their mentality to a more positive one.  Techniques such as anorexia horse therapy

  • Addiction and Overindulging in Comfort Food

    Have you ever thought about what makes a person overweight?  Most of the time it is more than just genetics, it can be an actual addiction to food.  Although people might not often think of food as being addictive when someone gets a lot of pleasure from eating and can shut down their emotions through food then they might become addicted.  This type of problem requires binge eating treatment otherwise the individual can suffer from serious health related problems from their excessive eating.  It is common for people with th

  • Eating Behavior After Leaving Treatment

    For someone with an eating disorder, they can understand exactly what it takes to maintain their weight and how to eat healthy but it is no always so easy for them to follow this.  They could relapse back into their old habits of restricting food or binging because it is familiar to them in times of stress.  They will have to learn to live with their eating disorder in their own home rather than just in a treatment center.  Eating disorder transitional living gives them the chance to transfer all the skills that they learned in

  • It’s Never Too Late to Recover from an Eating Disorder

    Do you know for sure that you exhibit many of the symptoms of anorexia but are not sure what to do?  Maybe you are so accustomed to your lifestyle of restricting food and monitoring your weight that you cannot imagine going without it.  Even though it might be harder to recover if you have been involved in these behaviors for a long time, there is always help for anorexia and you can turn to professionals when you are in serious need of recovery.  There is no problem with seeking help even if you have been involved in an eating disorder for a very

  • Talk to Your Therapist About Your Eating Habits

    Have you started to notice that you take your weight and the amount of food you eat very seriously?  If you have been restricting your food intake for a while and are constantly worrying about weight loss then it might be time to get some therapy for eating disorders so that you can figure out how to resolve these issues.  When you talk to your therapist they can help you to determine whether you not you have a true eating disorder or whether you are just beginning to show some of the symptoms related to anorexia or bulimia.  Communi

  • Options for Eating Disorder Treatment

    As you begin to realize that you truly need professional help for your eating disorder behavior you might wonder what the best solution would be for you.  Not everyone is ready to leave home and live at a treatment center for many months at a time.  You might not be able to afford to take the time off of work and you do not want to leave behind your friends and family in this time of great need.  The best solution for you then will be to find outpatient eating disorder  center that will allow you to continue living at

  • Get Help and Change Your Life

    What are the main reasons that people become trapped in the lifestyle of anorexia or bulimia?  While it can vary from person to person a lot of it has to do with habits of isolation, negative self-talk, and the need for control.  Whatever sets of a person down the path of an eating disorder, it can be very difficult for them to return to normal eating habits after this behavior has become ingrained in their routine.  To recover from an eating disorder requires a lot of hard work and attention to being more relaxed and sel

  • Changing Your Disordered Eating with Treatment

    Do you have issues about food that are getting harder to hide from your friends and family?  The more you try to cut down on your food intake the more noticeable it will become as time goes by and you lose more weight.  Your friends might notice that you never go out to eat with them and make excuses not to eat all the time.  They might realize that they haven’t seen you eat much in a long time and are losing more weight every day.  If it becomes bad enough they might even suggest eating disorder treatment but do not

  • How Eating Disorder Therapy Can Help You

    Have you developed very different eating habits than you used to have?  Maybe your list of foods that you avoid because they are unhealthy has been growing over the years and you have consistently lost weight to the point of being very thin.  While it is a good idea to be conscious of your eating habits and stay healthy, it is often that a person is doing this as a means of feeding their eating disorder.  There is a difference between being fit and healthy rather than underweight and too sickly thin.  You might need eating disorder thera


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