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  • Do You Focus Too Much on Your Weight?

    It can be hard for women to accept their body image when they are always faced with pictures of thin and fit women on television or in magazines.  It is easy for a frustrated woman to get fixated on their weight and worry constantly about what they eat and what the number says on the scale.  It is unfortunate that many people begin to develop a problem and must eventually enroll in eating disorder rehab to help them recovery from their weight issues.  The problem that often occurs is that feelings of insecurity begin to take over to

  • Eating Disorders and Treatment that Works

    Have you started to realize that you may have symptoms of an eating disorder?  It can be scary to know that you have such a serious illness and will have to get professional treatment for it.  You may wonder how you will ever escape the cycle of dangerous eating habits that has plagued you for the years that you started to develop this disorder.   Even if you have been anorexic or bulimic for a very long time then you can still benefit from an eating disorder outpatient program.  The help and support that you can receive fr

  • Working Through Issues with a Therapist

    If you have an eating disorder and are wondering how you will ever be able to recover from such a difficult problem, you should understand that there are ways to change and create a better life for yourself.  With the help of professional therapists and eating disorder counseling you can start to unravel the causes and underlying problems that have led to you developing this disorder.  You can talk about your past, your childhood and significant events in your life.  You will have to think back about the period of time whe

  • Weight Problems and Overeating

    Sometimes when people are overweight or obese, they can be very unaware of the underlying issues behind this problem.  There is more to it than simply being “big boned” or coming from a bigger family.  In many cases there can be issues of a compulsive overeating disorder that are to blame for a person’s weight problem.  They may be uneducated regarding healthy eating habits or simply be surrounded by others that also engage in overeating as well.  When a person struggles with their weight issues they might not unders

  • Different Eating Disorders and Their Symptoms

    Have you ever wondered if you may have an eating disorder but are not sure if you fall into the category of a true disorder?  A good idea to determine whether or not you need help is to research the type of symptoms that appear when someone has an eating disorder.  The important thing to realize is that there are many different disorders in the spectrum of this mental health issue and they all have unique problems related to them.  At recovery centers like binge eating and anorexia clinics there could be a wide variety of patients tha

  • Treatment That You Can Count On

    When you or your loved one is officially diagnosed with an eating disorder it can be a stressful and emotional moment.  People can often react strongly and with apprehension when they realize that they have a real disorder recognized by a doctor.  This kind of disorder is one that is difficult to treat but with some research you can find the best bulimia treatment center  in your area that will provide some very effective treatment and will start you down the long road to recovery.  F

  • Orange County Recovery

    If you are looking for a place in Orange County to help with your recovery or the recovery of somebody you know, there are places for eating disorder treatment Orange County that are available through Rebecca’s House.  The idea of going into treatment has become more and more of a commonality in today’s day and age, and more often than not it has helped those who are struggling with their eating disorders recover from all the issues that they are suffering from in order to help them make it back to level of normalcy that e

  • Transitional Living

    When someone is struggling with eating disorders there are a few steps that are necessary to take.  First is getting into treatment.  When you are in treatment you receive the help necessary to help the affected person find new, healthier ways to cope with the issues that are giving the individual trouble.  The next step upon completion of the treatment program would be to find a place that is friendly towards transitional living eating disorders.  Transitional living helps those individuals that are in need of a fresh st

  • Outpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders

    Outpatient treatment is one of two types of treatment strategies that exist in the treatment field.  Outpatient eating disorder treatment is not unlike any other kind of outpatient treatment that exists.  Essentially, a place like Rebecca’s House would allow you to come in for daily or weekly treatment sessions that would allow you to continue on with your daily life.  The ability to still continue with your daily life is the greatest benefit of working an outpatient program.  Typically outpatient care is reserved for tho

  • Recovery From Eating Disorders

    There are hundreds of thousands of people that suffer on a daily basis from eating disorders.  Dealing with issues that crop up in life with an eating disorder can be very tough and hard situation to deal with.  There are inpatient eating disorder treatment centers like Rebecca’s House that exist with the sole purpose of trying to help those who are struggling with eating disorders grasp the nature of their disease and figure out ways to battle the issues that they are dealing with.  Identification of emotional and reacti


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