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  • Seeking Treatment For Bulimia

    When one is looking for treatment options for any kind of rehabilitation there is both inpatient and outpatient care.  Inpatient care is the type of care that allows the patient to reside temporarily at the treatment center in order to re-establish the core values of the patient and to identify the issues that the person is going through.  Inpatient Bulimia treatment is an option that Rebecca’s House offers in order to help those who are struggling with bulimia receive full-time treatment.  Outpatient care is typically rese

  • Dealing With Eating Disorders

    If you are struggling with an eating disorder, it might be time to look for eating disorder treatments.  Eating disorder treatments vary in the kinds of approaches depending upon where you go.  Rebecca’s House is one of the premiere eating disorder treatment centers that focus on re-establishing the confidence, self-respect, and dignity of the people who are affected by their eating disorders.  Rebecca’s House is a safe haven for those people who struggle with image problems and cannot seem to break the cycle of self-deprecation

  • Treatment for Eating Disorders

    There are hundreds of thousands of people that are affected by eating disorders around the world.  Bulimia, Anorexia, and over-eating are serious issues that meddle with the stability of one’s mental health.  Mental health instability can be a major cause of eating disorders for people.  Rebecca’s House is a treatment center that helps those who are looking for eating disorder treatment Los Angeles.  In one of the most populated cities in the nation it is not uncommon for there to be an answer to any kind of issue that somebody is going through; h

  • When Dieting Gets Out of Control

    It is extremely common for people in the U.S. to be concerned with dieting and what they eat.  Young women often read about these things in magazines or watch television shows with tips and advice about how to lose weight.  That is why it can be hard to tell when someone is suffering from an eating disorder.  It can be a part of our culture to think about weight loss but it is when this kind of behavior becomes out of control that eating disorder clinics are necessary.  There is a big difference between healthy weight loss and excessive weight loss that can be dangerous.  There are certain guidelines by which doctors recommend that you lose weight as well as healthy weight and body mass index rules to follow.  If your BMI is below 17 then you are classified as “underweight” and may have an eating disorder.  For people with anorexia symptoms, their weight often falls in an unhealthy range and they need to gain weight once they enter a treatment center to avoid certain medical problems that can develop. 

  • Normal Eating Habits Versus Disordered Eating

     How can you tell if you or someone you know is struggling with disordered eating behavior?  There are many different kinds of eating disorders and you cannot always tell when someone has a problem.  When it comes to normal eating behavior a person usually maintains their average weight and if they are dieting will only lose a little bit of weight per week.  A normal diet could focus on eating healthier items but never starvation techniques.  A person who needs disordered eating treatment will often eat far less than

  • Suffering in Silence- Bulimia Symptoms

    While issues like eating disorders can be extremely dangerous for a person to be involved in for many years, it is common for these individuals to avoid talking about it to those around them.  Keeping secrets and hiding their habits and behavior is something that they can become very adept at over time as they do it more and more.  For people with bulimia symptoms, they often figure out a number of different ways to keep their symptoms unknown to friends and family.  They might eat meals alone or hide food in certain

  • When You Need Help for your Unhealthy Eating Habits

    As you are beginning to understand how much you are suffering from your negative types of eating habits you might think about what the next step is in your life.  How do you begin to get back to a healthy state of mind when you are dealing with so many conflicted emotions and have set many of your habits in stone?  For people who need anorexia and bulimia treatment they might find it disconcerting to think about how much they will have to change their lifestyle.  The thought of entering a treatment center can bring them great anxiety

  • Seeking Help for an Eating Disorder

    Where can you turn when your dieting habits have gotten out of control?  As much as you would like to be thin, maybe you begin to eventually realize how much your weight loss is affecting your mood and your social life.  People with eating disorders begin to isolate themselves to maintain their illness and at some point they may have no one to turn to for help.  Thankfully there are many eating disorder organizations that can provide assistance for those in need who are suffering from serious symptoms of anorexia or bulimia.  They sy

  • Weight Control through Unhealthy Habits

    While there are benefits to losing weight and focusing on a better diet, there are some people who take this task to extremes and resort to dangerous ways of controlling their weight.  Whenever a person begins to put their health in danger through habits like binging and purging, then it is time for them to get treatment for bulimia.   The symptoms associated with bulimia like excessive eating followed by self-induced vomiting or laxative abuse can be very stressful on a person’s body and lead them to develop serious health

  • The Face of Anorexia

    What people may not realize about certain eating disorders, like anorexia for example is that people you may never suspect are suffering from this problem.  It can be quite common among young women and especially women in certain industries such as modeling or acting.  A number of female celebrities have admitted to dealing with symptoms of eating disorder like anorexia or even bulimia.  While not everyone admits to it, there are plenty of young women that have sought help from a center for eating disorder to combat the is


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