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  • Getting Help for an Eating Disorder

    When you are caught up in the cycle of starvation and weight loss you may feel that you have nowhere to turn to for help.  People with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia often hide their problems and become very isolated because they feel they cannot handle normal social situations.  When you are a person who constantly obsesses about what they eat and how much they weigh then the only place you can feel better is an eating disorder treatment program.  You can enter a special facility that will give you a chance to give up a lot of your ti

  • Recovery from Eating Disorders Starts in a Facility

    When you develop any issue of mental illness, it will eventually become too complex for you to understand or resolve your own behavior.  A person with anorexia for example has too many intense feelings about their weight and food to try to change their habits.  They have grown accustomed to starvation and to them eating more than they want to can create a lot of anxiety.

  • Do You Have Symptoms of Bulimia?

    For many people that have issues about their weight or are always dieting, they might not think about whether or not they have an eating disorder.  The power of denial can be very strong especially with this kind of mental illness because typically the person wants to do anything they can to keep engaging in their usual habits.  If you take a look online or in a book at a list of bulimia symptoms then you might start to recognize certain behavior patterns that seem to apply to you.  When people start to develop eating

  • The First Steps in Eating Disorder Treatment

    While the experience of being treated for an eating disorder can be different for every individual, there are some general things that every patient must focus on in their first weeks in therapy.  With anorexia and bulimia treatment, there are often many health risks that must be addressed before starting therapy.  A patient will be evaluated by a nurse or medical a

  • What to Expect from Eating Disorder Treatment

    With anyone that has been dealing with anorexia symptoms for years, there is a big part of them that wants to live a normal life and another part of them that can’t give up their obsessions.  That is why this type of illness is so difficult to fight on your own without a professional therapist to talk you through the steps.  When you make the decision to recover you will have to enter

  • The Dangers of Eating Disorders

    There are a lot of aspects of eating disorders that people may not know about, especially the health risks involved in having this type of illness.  When it comes to a disorder like bulimia, the symptoms can really take their toll on a person’s body.  It is quite unhealthy and dangerous to put your body through the constant stress of binging and purging.  It can upset your body’s natural rhythm and cause digestive problems and a long list

  • Holidays and Eating Mindfully

    As the holidays are well upon us, you may be looking for that perfect diet. You want to look your best for the family and friends you may not have seen since last holiday season. You have to lose those ten pounds you gained since last year. So you diet and restrict as the holidays approach.
  • Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

    When you start to feel as though your thoughts about food and losing weight have taken over your mind and your whole life you may begin to wonder if you are suffering from anorexia.  If you are concerned about your health and want to find out for sure then you can start by taking an online quiz about eating disorders provided by an eating disorder treatment Los Angeles company.  If you find from the quiz that you are in danger of having anorexia then you should immediately consult with a medical professional.  Only a doctor

  • Anorexia and Bulimia Recovery in a Facility

    Have you recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder?  When you are in the midst of an illness like this you may not initially know that you have a problem and then you might begin to realize that you have lost control of your obsession with food and weight.  What begins as a weight loss routine and diet can end up being something you think about all the time and means more to you than anything else.  People in

  • Food Addiction and Eating Disorder Recovery

    Problems with addictive behavior can come in many forms but one of the least recognized is an addiction to food.  People can become dependent on their favorite foods to make them feel better in times of stress and they struggle with “emotional eating”.  There are many negative consequences to this type of behavior and it is important for someone in this situation to seek binge eating treatment.   Not only can excessive and compulsive overeating affect a person’s social life, it can have very damaging effects on their


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