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Beyond Looking Good, Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Men

Almost everyone has a part of their body that they wish they could improve upon. You just need to turn on the television to find a number of shows that focus on plastic surgery and infomercials that will sell you the perfect cream to fix whatever part troubles you. And, while the experience is common, it’s when you begin to obsess about it, spend hours in front of the mirror, and can think of nothing else that you may be struggling with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).  If that’s what’s happening to you, you may need to seek help at an eating disorder clinic.

While both men and women suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, men are much less likely to seek treatment for it, which can lead to other mental health and eating disorder issues. Men with the disorder often focus their attention on their hair, skin, nose, or genitals. They spend hours trying to conceal whatever they deem their defect to be. In most people with BDD, the area that concerns them is often not noticeable to others, and telling them nothing is wrong doesn’t do anything to dissuade them from trying to hide it. 

Most common in men with BDD is “muscle dysmorphia.” No matter how much they work out and maintain a strict diet, they never feel muscular enough.  They often try supplements, and even steroids, to try to attain the strongman image featured in the media, and they never feel that they quite measure up, no matter how muscular they actually are.

BDD is a very complicated, very serious disorder that needs intensive treatment.  Since men are less likely to go to a doctor for even a routine visit, getting them to treatment for this disorder is even harder, but absolutely imperative.  Rebecca’s House can help you or the man in your life that is struggling with this.  Call us today at 1-800-711-2062 to learn about our body image group and other clinical therapy programs designed to help return you to a healthy lifestyle.


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