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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment – Real Help for Real People

It’s so hard to imagine when we look at famous people that they can have any problems at all, let alone one that would require a visit to an eating disorder treatment. But it does happen, more often than you probably think.

Recently, world-class athlete and tennis star Monica Seles admitted that she battled with a binge eating disorder for most of her career. She said that after practices and matches, she would go back to her hotel room and overstuff herself with food, including emptying the mini-bar of all the snacks. Seles went years without telling anyone or seeking medical attention. It wasn’t until she retired from tennis that she sought a diagnosis and found treatment for her binge eating disorder.

Binge eating disorder can happen to anyone, famous or not, but help is available. Treatment for binge eating involves not only stopping the binging, but also dealing with the issues of shame and other negative emotions that make up the disorder. Here at Rebecca’s House, we not only understand the complexity of binge eating, we were one of the first eating disorder treatment centers to address binge eating disorder. By assessing the needs of the individual, and through a combination of options including psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy, we offer residential extended care programs, as well as an intensive outpatient treatment program, to offer the most effective support.

If you find yourself hiding out, overeating large amounts of food, and feeling out of control, don’t wait years to get treatment like Seles did. The shame and guilt that comes with binge eating disorder is a heavy burden to carry. There is help and there is hope. Call us today at Rebecca’s House at 866-554-1851 to find out more about binge eating treatment.


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