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Withholding Food While Mourning

I've been grieving my grandmother's passing, and I am ashamed to admit it, but I've lost 20 lbs from withholding food. Her passing left me numb and I just wanted to feel something. The only thing that allowed me to feel was hunger and starvation. Then, a friend gave me a dog. A rescue named Audrey. In observing the gratitude this puppy has from her simple food, I can feel my heart mending. Rather than withholding my food, I am eating with simplicity and gratitude. I am thankful that she is here; I know that I am going to need the nudge of her cold nose to get me through a holiday season without my "NaNa".

If you are feeling alone, are overwhelmed and not sure what you feel or numb and unable to feel at all and all these feelings or non-feelings are complicating your emotional connection to food; visit to find a place of commonality offering shared experiences and extending help when you need it.


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