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How Female Friendships Are Good For Your Health And More

As we move through the normal ups and downs of our lives, it’s important to have others to share our experiences with and rely on. Many women count on their female friends to be there to share their happiness with, and their sadness as well. Helping your friends and supporting them through rough times enhances your own sense of worth and well-being, as well as theirs.

Eating As Nourishment For Body And Soul

In a culture like ours where food is fast, convenient, and plentiful it’s easy to lose touch with why we need to eat in the first place, and with what foods provide the nutrition our bodies need. So many people are suffering from compulsive eating, overeating, and other disorders because they have learned to rely on food as a way to deal with difficult emotions. When we get back in touch with our bodies and natural intuition, we can begin to have a healthy relationship with our food.

Dream Every Day: It's Good For Your Health

As we get older, our lives become increasingly hectic. Everyday, we wake up with certain goals in minds and specific tasks we need to get done. Our days are spent on work, family and school priorities with little time left over for much else. Many adults seldom practice the hobbies they once loved or see their friends less and less frequently. This is quite common nowadays but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to change it.

How Can I Heal Through Helping Others?

Helping others helps ourselves.


Eating Disorder Recovery - Who We Are Is Not Fixed

Eating Disorder Recovery

After recovering from a cancer that doctors thought he would not survive, Lance Armstrong said; “I take nothing for granted. I now have only good days or great days.” As you recover from an eating disorder, you’re going to have great days and days -- on the way to great. Concentrate on the great days. Acknowledge your accomplishments, allow yourself to see that there are no mistakes, just opportunities to try again, and continue moving towards “great.”

Eating Disorders and Stuffing Your Feelings

“Nobody Can make you feel inferior without your consent”

- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Breaking Free Of The Binge Eating Cycle

We develop patterns of behavior early in life. We start associating certain events with certain behaviors. One such pattern is our behavior  with food. Being fed by our parents when we were young may come to represent being cared for or being loved. On the other hand, not being fed when we were hungry may have produced a deep insecurity about whether there would be enough food in the future.

The Way is Through - Eating Disorder Recovery

The road to eating disorder recovery is a long-term, even a life-term journey. There will be many paths that intersect, signs advising you to stop or to use caution or reminding you to go “one way”.

Make “Healthy and Whole” Your Mission - Part 3

As you are doing the healing work on your emotions, altering your relationship with food and recovering from an eating disorder, it is important to take a step one at a time and gradually weave the changes into your life. Attempting to adopt too many behaviors at the same time may well be self-defeating and send you back to the “harbor” for your feelings – anorexia, bulimia or food addiction.

Make “Healthy and Whole” Your Mission - Part 2

The battle with eating disorders is not about food, but rather the emotions or spirit being out-of-alignment. However, there are environmental adjustments and behavior changes that can be made in an effort to lessen the external triggers that may cause us to loose our abstinence. The fewer temptations we have the more are able to focus on the real work at hand, moving through our emotions, releasing them and returning to health and wholeness.


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