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Make “Healthy and Whole” Your Mission - Part 1

Some people eat to comfort themselves in stressful situations. Some eat due to boredom or loneliness; still others eat when they experience turmoil or disappointment. Often people eat to fill a void when something or someone is missing from their lives. Eating for any reason other than physical hunger is a sign of an eating disorder.

SEED Conference

Rebecca Cooper will be attending SEED on March 1st & 2nd in Nashville, TN. Rebecca is a co-founder of the conference and continues to play a major role in the awareness and treatment of eating disorders. Go to to find register for the conference!

Intuitive Eating, learning all over again!

When we come into this world we know when we are hungry and when we are full. We come into this world in touch with our appetite. We are intuitive eaters by nature, but some lose that ability. The primary reasons we have problems with intuitive eating are:

Dear Self, You are Beautiful and I Love You!

It seems that everywhere we look nowadays we are being bombarded with fake images of beauty and new ways of “improving” ourselves! So many of us, regardless of our age or life status have become obsessed with weight, falling into a cynical pattern of self-hatred and low self esteem fueled by the bogus images of men and women in magazines or on TV.

Sound the Alarms! Raise Awareness! Children and Eating Disorders!

When we are kids, every experience creates a thought pattern or pathway in our brain. These paths are paved by the emotional impact our experiences have on how we feel about our environment, our safety in it, our overall self-worth or body image. As we become adults and situations occur that trigger the memory of childhood experiences, our brain retraces those old familiar pathways and we relive the emotions of the experience all over again.

Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

An estimated 23 million Americans abuse -- or are dependent upon -- either alcohol or illicit drugs. And more than 12 million Americans currently suffer from eating disorders.

Up to half of all people with eating disorders abuse substances and up to half of women who abuse substances suffer from eating disorders.

We Have to Feel It to Heal It!

We may not all admit it or even be aware of it, but at one time or another, all of us have used food as means of coping with life.


Fashion trends come and go and many return again and again. In the last few years, we have seen the reentry of skinny jeans (aka “skinnies”). Slim fitting pants first made their appearance in the 1950’s, worn by popular media and music icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Sandra Dee, but they have been popular nearly every decade since.

Skinny jeans flatter the figure by hugging virtually every part of the body without constricting it. Most clothing lines and popular stores carry skinny-style jeans and they are marketed to both genders.

Do Something Profoundly Different

Sarah McLaughlan seems to be scoring my life thus far this year. Lyrics like “Hold on, hold on to yourself, this is going to hurt like hell,” or “Sweeeeeet surrender is all that I have,” and “Wipe away the tears, just close your eyes dear” have been entering my brain at the exact moment an overly dramatic script would call for a pull at the heart strings, the passing of a tissue or that moment when you feel like you’ve got not-one-thing left to give but somehow you manage to get a little boost, find your boot straps and take another step.

From Resolutions to Solutions

Jan. 15th, already halfway into the first month of 2016. Are your resolutions still going strong? Did you make resolutions to feel good, to choose healthier habits, to eat mindfully, to have more energy, to achieve a particular goal or to forgive someone? Well, if you have already slipped or fallen off track or still haven’t decided what to make of this new year, we invite you to come along with us on a journey to wellness.


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