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That's Just the Way It Is

Well, I may not be the most educated guy, before this week, I didn’t know what a blog was. But I was asked to share my story and told that it might help. So I am going to give it a try. I am a black man, a businessman, former football player, a son, a husband, a father and a bulimic. I guess like anyone, there is a lot to my story. I don’t find it easy to share because I was always taught be “strong” be “a man”. My grandparents were slaves and my parents were taught never to show feeling, “to suck it up” because feelings let the white man win.

The Link Between Bullying and Eating Disorders on Kids

Do you remember someone bullying you as an adolescent? I have asked this question to many of my adult patients and they can still vividly remember an incident that occurred in school or home that they cannot forget.

Today bullying is at a whole new level. Now we have cyber-bullying and even bullycide. The U.S. Department of Education’s defines bullying as follows:

The Passing of One Year and the Encroachment of Another

Thanksgiving has come and gone and my thoughts like most everyone’s are turned towards the year’s remaining holidays. I am Jewish, my husband is Christian. The Jewish New Year was in September and I have to admit that with my NaNa’s illness and ultimate passing, instead of reading from the book of life, I was consuming my life with reliving her death.

Giving Thanks, Saying Prayers and Taking Steps

As the Thanksgiving holiday approached, my family pretty much dispersed in different directions. By family, I mean mine on my mother’s side and by pretty much, I mean completely!

Glass Houses, Stones and Post-Partum Eating

When I was pregnant, I didn't get the cravings everyone promised me I'd get.  I was kind of disappointed.  I wanted to crave deep-fried pickles and peanut butter ice cream.  I wanted to want my fajitas smothered in chocolate with rainbow sprinkles.  All the things I thought were "supposed" to happen during pregnancy didn't.  I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  Little did I know that with my son would come an unexpected revelation.

Grocery Shopping During the Holidays

Chocolate-Pecan Pie.  Pumpkin Pie.  Buttermilk Pie.  Apple Pie.  I have a weakness, and it is pie.  And, as Thanksgiving is fast approaching, there seems to be pie everywhere!  At the grocery store this morning I found myself in a whirl.  I tried to just shop the outside rim so that I would stay focused on what I was there for carrots, spinach, yogurt, bananas, almonds, chicken, and tea. 

Comfort Food Culture

Several cultures whose foods have literally changed the dining industry.  Mexican food, Jewish food, Chinese food, Indian food…the list is endless.  Believe it or not, each of these cultures has their own set of beliefs about eating in general.  The more you eat, the healthier you are.  Some foods, like pork or dairy products, are avoided in the cooking of some cultures.  Other foods, like bread, are to be eaten with every meal. 

Admiring Anorexia

In the wake of losing my “NaNa,” a friend I have known since Elementary School reconnected with me.  We were best friends most of our lives.  I got married, she moved out of state and we lost touch.

Withholding Food While Mourning

I've been grieving my grandmother's passing, and I am ashamed to admit it, but I've lost 20 lbs from withholding food. Her passing left me numb and I just wanted to feel something. The only thing that allowed me to feel was hunger and starvation. Then, a friend gave me a dog. A rescue named Audrey. In observing the gratitude this puppy has from her simple food, I can feel my heart mending.

Belly Dancers Used to Have a Belly

I’ve danced all my life.  Dance students, seriously dedicated dancers, don’t just watch music videos…they study the masters, they study the history of dance, the time period and country where the dance originated.  So I have to think that the great belly dancers—the ones who were belly dancing BEFORE it became “Hollywooded—must shake their heads when they see stick-thin belly dancers.  It was actually okay for belly dancers to have…well, BELLIES!  Yes, I know, I said the “B-word.”  Come on, say it with me:  BELLIES.  It’s ok to say it.  Heck, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s ok to ha


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