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Candy Canes, Turkey & Ghosts…OH MY!!!


Is the pressure on to overeat during the holiday season?  Or is it me?  Complete the following sentences:

  •  “You have to try this slice of ____________ .”
  • “Here, let me put some more ____________ on your plate, you’re running low.” 
  • “Pass the ____________ and double up on the ____________ !” 
  • “Did you try your aunt’s __________________?

I know everyone reading this can finish any one of the above sentences without even having to think about it!

Holiday Food—A Legacy of Eating

When I hear the term “4th quarter” I think football, accounting, or college.  I never think holidays.  But technically speaking, the entire 4th quarter of the calendar year is holiday time. 

Can eating disorders be passed down from generation to generation?

There seems to be an ongoing debate of whether eating disorders can be passed down from generation to generation. Well I believe in my family they were. I adore my mother and my grandmother, we are all best friends, but as I look back through the years, I wonder how much of m ED was learned behavior from watching my mother and grandmother diet, worry about what the weighed and what their daily calorie intake was.

How does your body image affect your marriage and your sexual relationship?

It has been my personal experience that when I am up on my weight, or actually when I am not the weight I think I should be, I find myself not wanting to be intimate with my husband. I adore my husband with all my heart and I find him to be very attractive, even after all these years of marriage. But this is my stuff. I feel the ten pounds extra keeps me from being comfortable in my own skin, my head is constantly telling me I am not attractive...and who suffers, my husband.


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