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Costs & Financing in Eating Disorder Treatment

Costs & Financing in Eating Disorder Treatment are customized to each client’s clinical, medical and situational needs.  Rebecca's House accepts most major insurances and often all or part of our program costs can be covered.  We do offer self-pay discounting when self-pay is required. Please call 1 (800) 711-2062 for more information.
Financing Options
Financing is available for those who qualify.* Rebecca's House works with an independent loan organization called Clark Behavioral Health Financing. If you're interested in qualifying for a private loan, click here for a printable loan application. Click here for more information.
Loans from Clark can cover treatment costs, tuition and even transportation, as well as other related services, depending on your situation. They feature multiple loan products with competitive rates and a possible deferral of interest for up to 6 months with no prepayment penalties or cancellation fees.
While there are many loan companies to choose from, we recommend contacting Clark Behavioral Health Financing. Their loan qualification and application process is much easier to understand than those of other companies, and they work with many families and individuals each day, guiding them through the loan process. Even if you don't personally qualify for a loan, they will advise you in ways to qualify, including adding a co-signer or considering credit repair. Once your loan has been pre-approved, Clark Behavioral Health Financing can complete the entire loan process in about 5 business days.
Financing Benefits
• Competitive interest rates and terms
• Credit decisions available within 1 business day
• Affordable monthly payments
• No collateral required
• No prepayment penalties
• Quick & easy loan application
• Minimal paperwork
• 100% Confidential
*We only offer this information as a referral source for a loan for cost related to treatment, intervention or sober living. We have no say in approval or denial of funds and are not liable for any money loaned by the lending agent.