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Huffington Post - Male Anorexia


Male anorexia
May 11, 2012
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Huffington Post
Male Anorexia
LAKE FOREST, CA - Rebecca Cooper, LMFT, CCH , CEDS writes for the Huffington Post on Male Anorexia.

When in history has a male ever been concerned about fitting into a pair of skinny jeans? Media has hyper-focused on the skinny male model. Today's fashion is geared towards the emaciated male in a pair of skinny jeans. This male body image does not occur naturally unless someone is ill. We now have a whole culture of men trying to obtain an impossible body image.


There appears to be a rise in the number of males with eating disorders. According to NEDA, at least one million males in the United States have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. But these numbers are skewed due to the high prevalence of undiagnosed males with eating disorders. To read more click here



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