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"Starving Secrets" Partnership - Rebecca's House


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Rebecca's House to Appear on Lifetime's "Starving Secrets"

New series will highlight the realities of eating disorders


Lifetime December 2nd at 10:00pm (PST)


December 1, 2011

Orange County, CA (December 1, 2011) - Rebecca's House has partnered with Lifetime for the new series Starving Secrets With Tracey Gold, which aims to show a national audience the realities of eating disorders and their treatment, while helping women in need. The first episode was filmed at Rebecca's House last February and March and highlights the team working with a client to overcome her battles with an array of eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia. The episode is a real look into the ups and downs of eating disorder treatment.


"Many people don't understand how dangerous eating disorders are," Founder Rebecca Cooper stated. "People make jokes about weight and body shape all of the time, but eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any known mental illness. We hope to provide education and awareness to gain support and save lives.


Current statistics show that only one in ten people with eating disorders receive treatment. With eating disorders on the rise and the economy still on the decline, this statistic is expected to worsen in coming months. "Destabilization can be highly triggering to those struggling with eating disorders, often mirroring feelings of fragmentation and chaos in their internal world," Program Director, Dr. Christopher Jones states. "Our clients come to us bereft, having focused their attention so long on external solutions. In our clinical work, we refocus clients toward the locus of their recovery: their inner experience."


To view Rebecca's House episode, tune to Lifetime December 2nd at 10:00pm (PST)


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More About Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs
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Rebecca's House is a premiere eating disorder treatment center that is dedicated to providing the best treatment possible. Rebecca's House helps individuals by taking a more diversified approach in treating various eating disorders and explores alternative means to allow people to live healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Rebecca4Rebecca's House has Eating Disorder Residential Extended CarePartial Day TreatmentIntensive Outpatient and Transitional Recovery Living Programs for Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating, Compulsive Overeating and Food Addictions. Our renowned multidisciplinary treatment team at Rebecca's House understands the needs to treat all types of eating disorder's and their complexities.


Rebecca's House provides the most effective and long-lasting eating disorder treatment for those suffering from eating disorders. As leader, visionary, clinical therapist, author, speaker and educator, Rebecca Cooper, LMFT has spent decades developing the best eating disorder treatment protocols. In addition, Rebecca's House was the first eating disorder extended care program model. Today, Rebecca Cooper continues to drive awareness and education internationally for the best eating disorder treatment practices.


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