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Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program

The Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Rebecca's House is designed primarily for clients who have already completed a higher level of care for their eating disorder,  disordered eating, or co-occurring disorder.  Such a client is in successful recovery, can benefit from some program elements, and is ready to put some of the healthy goals they have set into action.

At this level, your individual and group therapy continues to progress, your sense of meaning in life has become clearer, you're more established in recovery, and it's time to begin implementing your dreams.  Clients at this level report feeling connected, appreciated, purposeful, hopeful and motivated.

To have your most significant eating disorder outpatient treatment experience possible, the Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program includes approximately 4 hours a day of treatment, initially up to 6 days a week.  This schedule allows most clients to pursue or maintain their academic or vocational pursuits.  As such, our typical Intensive Outpatient client either already has or would like to have a work or school commitment. 

Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient clients tend to have external obligations, so the eating disorder treatment schedule is tailored to meet those needs.  When you com in for a clinical assessment, we consider and discuss your specific schedule and the programmatic possibilities available to you.

Similar in some ways to our other levels of care, Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment can include both group and individual therapy; a key difference rests in the amount, type, and frequency of which clinical paradigms are available to you.  Your schedule might include two groups per week with a Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) or Dialectic Behavior emphasis (DBT), and  augmenting this work, your individual therapy might have more of depth psychological emphasis, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy.   Perhaps additionally, a history of trauma would suggest the advisability of including EMDR therapy, and an interest and comfort with horses would suggest the importance of including equine therapy.  Further, you might choose to continue availing yourself of the expertise of our dietician and kinesiologist.  Perhaps you're also re-entering the job market after some absence, and you might too include vocational consultation among your plan of care.  With your schedule permitting, such a tailored plan is possible and has the potential to put you in good stead in your ongoing recovery.  Our team members, who are here to help with this, include several masters-level counselors, a  doctoral-level psychotherapist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, an EMDR therapist, a kinesiologist, a registered dietician, and a consulting team of medical professions that including a physician, a physician's assistant, and a psychiatrist.  Considered together, we have decades of experience among us.  Most of us are in successful recovery ourselves, and our experience allows us to understand and empathize with your process more effectively.  We've experienced and witnessed the gift of recovery really happening, so it's a joy to work towards yours.      

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