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Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment

The Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment Program at Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ is the treatment level of choice for the client who requires the key clinical components of our Eating Disorder Extended Care Program without requiring clinical and operational support in the evening or weekends. Our Partial Day Treatment client typically lives nearby—or has transitioned to living nearby—and commutes to our program Monday through Friday.

Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment is for the medically stable client with all types of eating disorders including Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating, Binge Eating, Food Addictions, Anorexia and Bulimia. Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment uses a "team approach" with medical doctors, therapists, and dietitians on staff with scheduled daily or weekly sessions depending on each individual's needs. Clients attend individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapies, and life skills that they can take home with them.

Eating Disorders have an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual cause. By attending Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment you can address all these issues in one setting. All the treating professionals are eating disorder professionals. The whole treatment team monitors your progress and goals. This collaboration is invaluable in the treatment of eating disorders. With all the different professional prospective, Rebecca's House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ is able to condense treatment time so you can quickly build a foundation for lasting recovery. Taking some time to devote towards building this foundation will address eating disorder issues that would take years to cover with individual therapies and appointments.

Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment can be appropriate also for individuals who do not meet the diagnostic criteria of an eating disorder as described in the DSM-IV-TR. We know the devastation disordered eating is causing with relationships, self-esteem, medical issues, careers and living life to the fullest.  Disordered eating, such as Binge Eating, Compulsive Overeating, and Food Addictions, are often best treated through Partial Day Treatment.

You are also likely to choose Partial Day Treatment if you are successfully coming from Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ Extended Care Program. This provides transitional, step-down manner that will increase your chances of enjoying long-term recovery.

As a client in Partial Day Treatment, you receive the support and care from our experienced staff of treating professionals. You will be lead in a process to identify triggers and develop the coping tools necessary to manage emotions more effectively.  The goal is transitioning into greater autonomy and responsibility in a timely manner providing ever increasing independence and achievements in your long-term recovery.  With healthy recovery, you also develop a greater capacity for healthy long-term relationships and a sense of community. You will be able to think clearly about your goals, meaning and purpose for you life.

Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ Eating Disorder Extended Care Program provides you with a deeply meaningful treatment experience in a nonresidential setting. Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment is structured to include between 6 and 8 hours of treatment up to 6 days per week.  Aside from staying at the house overnight or on weekends you become a member of the supportive Rebecca's House community.

Consistent with our other levels of care, Eating Disorder Partial Day Treatment includes both group and individual therapies, with a variety of clinical modalities including: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Person-Centered Therapy (PCT), Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Equine Therapy, Psychodrama, Art Therapy, Psychoeducation, Pastoral Counseling, Spirituality, Mindful Eating, Experiential Nutrition, Yoga, Guided Imagery, Lifeskills, Relapse Prevention, Academic and Vocational Consultation, Family Therapy, and Couples Counseling. 

Our team includes licensed therapists, masters-level counselors, doctoral-level psychotherapist, an EMDR therapist, an exercise physiologist, a registered dietitian, and our consulting team of medical professions that includes a physician, a physician's assistant, and a psychiatrist.  Considered together, there are decades of clinical experience treating eating disorders among the team. Some clinicians are able to identify with the eating disorder on a personal level. This provides an atmosphere of open, honest, sharing without the shame and guilt that accompanies eating disorders. We can provide hope and show you how good life in recovery can be.  

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