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Eating Disorder Recovery Living

Eating Disorder Recovery Transitional Living has benefits. In the past decade at Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™, our program's visionary Rebecca Cooper, LMFT, was truly the vanguard of offering transitional living for eating disorders, and today, we continue this groundbreaking tradition by offering the highest quality of eating disorder transitional living for our clients in recovery at Rebecca's House.  Recovery Living at Rebecca's House is the eating disorder treatment level of choice for those clients who hope to have the best possible transition into their active recovery life.  

Clients at this level have a degree of autonomy and direction in their own recovery sufficient to participate in our most independent, least structured level of care.  Here, we offer affordable luxury housing to those wanting a safe eating environment and a recovery community support after hours but are likely to be pursuing academic and vocational goals during the day.  This level of care is ideal for those who have completed a higher level of care, either with us at Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ or elsewhere. This step creates the best possible chance at successful long term recovery by transitioning into real life situations. Here you start to attain your goals with the enhanced care and conscious eating available in Eating Disorder Recovery Living. 

Isolation is a major factor in many of the co-morbid and co-occurring disorders we see commonly among those suffering with eating disorders. This includes individuals, with depression, social anxiety, and substance abuse.  Eating Disorder Recovery Living decreases the likelihood of such isolation occurring or using other addictive behaviors.

Most of our Eating Disorder Recovery Living participants are at school or at work during the day, and they return home in the evenings to the support and sense of community found at Rebecca’s House.  This is a great step toward managing the life's responsibilities with confidence and success.  Many Eating Disorder Recovery Living clients report feeling hopeful, connected, ambitious, accepted, and understood as they attain their goals.  Having developed beyond the crushing obsessions of active eating disorders and disordered eating, our Eating Disorder Recovery Living clients have come to experience a new level of life and happiness.  Recovery Living is living actively in recovery.

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