Eating Disorders Do Not Go On Vacation

When we hear the phrase “Summer Vacation” it generally brings a sense of calm, freedom, and release. What’s the first thing you think about when you hear that phrase? Growing up, it was music to my ears - No homework, no bedtime, time with friends, and no real responsibilities other than some chores around the house. As I got older, summer vacation turned into bonding time with my eating disorder.

The True Freedom of Eating Disorder Recovery (Part II)

By Rebecca Cooper

Early recovery is difficult. When we stopped the eating disorder, feelings start to surface. Many times you do not even know what the feeling is. So one of the first new skills in recovery is to be able to identify your feelings. You cannot take care of yourself if you don’t even know what you are feeling. What makes this even more difficult is that the feelings you have been suppressing with the eating disorder now start to surface.

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