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Breaking Through Denial

My eating disorder lives inside me. It’s my friend and my enemy. It’s my disorder and it is ME. I can’t separate myself, but I don’t want to live with it anymore, but I can’t imagine how I will survive without it. I want help, and even ask for it. At times I am right at the door to make the change that could save my life – give me life, I have no life, not really – I could have a chance. I walk away and the noise gets so loud. It’s my eating disorder breaking down every bit of possibility for something different. I wonder why. I know I am afraid. Afraid to let go of my eating disorder.

Eating Disorders Do Not Go On Vacation

When we hear the phrase “Summer Vacation” it generally brings a sense of calm, freedom, and release. What’s the first thing you think about when you hear that phrase? Growing up, it was music to my ears - No homework, no bedtime, time with friends, and no real responsibilities other than some chores around the house. As I got older, summer vacation turned into bonding time with my eating disorder.

Recognizing an Eating Disorder Can be difficult...

Eating disorder treatment women & men

While dieting and weight loss is a big part of our culture, it is easy for these seemingly positive activities to turn into something destructive.  For people that are vulnerable through genetics or mental illness, dieting can become an obsession that can cause health problems.  Unfortunately many people end up having to go to eating disorder treatment because their desire to be thin has taken control of their lives.  How do you know if you are someone who might need treatment?  There is a difference between healthy dieting and an eating disorder.

The True Freedom of Eating Disorder Recovery (Part III)

Eating disorder recovery is not like alcohol and drug recovery. When you’re recovering from an eating disorder you usually experience more of a stair step approach or zigzag instead of a straight-line recovery. When you hit something that’s very impactful it may cause you to engage in your disorder. This is your red flag that something is wrong. It can be a great learning tool. You can discover triggers and what alternative tools you can use instead of using the eating disorder.

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