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Nutrition in Eating Disorder Treatment

Nutrition at Rebecca’s House with a registered dietitian, the client becomes accountable and responsible. Rebecca's House - Eating Disorder Treatment Programs™ know that most people with eating disorders can write books about nutrition and food content. They just cannot put that knowledge into action.  It is easy to follow your food plan if someone is making you eat, but when you leave that structure many people with eating disorders fall back into disordered eating. Our registered dietitian works with your preferences so you can continue your food plan on your own. The structure around food can be as tight or loose as you need to obtain eating disorder recovery and maintain it.

Our phases help you internalize the behaviors with food gradually. As you progress you will get more in touch with your appetite and know the difference between physical and emotional hunger. You then can progress to mindful eating. This is a method of eating that can last for a lifetime. You will be able to learn how to cook healthy with our Registered Dietitian and Diet Techs. You will be exposed to real life situations like grocery shopping, creating menus, and restaurant outings.