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Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating disorders or disordered eating requires understanding and compassion. For over 20 years at Rebecca's House, we have been providing both. Most people do not understand eating disorders and eating disorders treatment. They will tell us that we just need to eat normally. If we could, we would! When the eating disorder has taken over your eating habits it is impossible to stop the behavior on your own. We say “tomorrow will be different” or “next week I will get control over my eating behaviors”. Of course we know we will change on January 1st. We make promises to ourselves and others. We really mean it. We want to fulfill our promise, but when the eating disorder takes over there is no stopping it.

Eating Disorders or Disordered Eating has a very complex basis. It really isn’t about the food. It is about spending 90% of our waking hours thinking about food, weight, diet, or our body image. This is not normal. 

Because we fail over and over again with our resolutions we feel like a failure. Our head tells us “I don’t have enough willpower” or “I can’t do anything right.” Sometimes other people are also telling us this. Our self-esteem has eroded. We are self-conscious at social gathering. We think that other people are noticing our weight or we bundle up in layers of clothes trying to hide our emaciated body. Eating disorders treatment requires that we address each area.

We eventually cannot bear the criticism and soon stay at home with our best friend, our eating disorder. We think about the eating disorder all day, we avoid social situations, we quit answering the phone for fear of them asking “What are you doing?” Are we going to tell the truth? We can’t be honest about our eating behaviors, we lose relationships because of it, and some of us die because of it.

Eating Disorders are very serious. Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating, Binge Eating and Anorexia can cost your life: your quality of life, emotional life, spiritual life, your relational life with self and other and your physical life without eating disorder treatment.

Our eating disorder programs are specifically designed to meet each client where they are and we have the expertise in our staff and the quality of care that can support our clients in thier growth and progress in eating disorder recovery. Our eating disorder treatment phases help our clients integrate what they have learned with the application in real living situations while still having the benefit of the clinical team and enviornment to support their internal shift.

Rebecca's House has developed a compassionate program and provides exceptional treatment of eating disorders. Please call now to stop this cycle! 1-800-285-4642.