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Bulimia Treatment for Bulimia Nervosa

“It’s 4:00p.m. and I haven’t eaten yet today. I ate so much last night and I don’t think I got rid of all of the food I consumed. I was only going to have a handful of chips, but I was watching TV and ate a few more. Then I got some cereal. I thought, ‘Here I am again. I promised myself that today would be different. I didn’t even make it for one day. I have no willpower. What is wrong with me? There has to be a better way!’”

Have you experienced this heart-sinking feeling? Even as your heart sank into the abyss of guilt, did your mind obsess about what to eat next? Have you awoken from a “food coma” to discover that much to your horror, you have eaten everything in your house, including the secret stash of food you keep between the mattress, in the hatbox at the top of the closet, and in the trunk of your car? On this realization, was your reaction to purge all of that food from your stomach in any way possible?

You are not alone in your suffering. While the exact number is unknown, millions of women and men suffer with similar thoughts and behavior. You are experiencing are some of the signs and symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa, an eating disorder. Bulimia can be categorized in two ways:

  • Purging bulimia: Involves self-induced vomiting on a regular basis, and/or misuse of laxatives, enemas, or diuretics and bingeing.
  • Non-purging bulimia: Involves shedding calories through non-purging methods, such as excessive exercise, dieting, or fasting.

You may shift back and forth between purging and non-purging bulimia, or engage in all of these behaviors.
The good news is you can get it back and live your life free from bulimia’s vicious cycle, which has probably robbed you of at least one part of your life and left you with a sense of alienation.

We understand what it is to have this heart sinking experience, to be afraid, to want it end but to panic at the thought of losing the binging and purging cycle that has become a “best friend.”  We know what it is like to be overcome with guilt or shame and to think that only safe life is one of isolation. We also understand what it is to have a heart lifting experience, to be awakened and vibrant, to live a life that is happy, joyous and free of guilt or shame, to have real relationships and friends, and to experience the self-love that affirms your sense of self-worth.

Rebecca’s House was founded with the sole mission to help people like you recover from bulimia through bulimia treatment. Our founder, Rebecca Cooper knows first-hand what it is like to live, or rather, to exist with Bulimia Nervosa, what it is like to reconnect with intuitive hunger, what it is like to move through feelings, AND what it is like to be free an eating disorder including bulimia. It is a freedom that few words can adequately express but through bulimia treatment can be felt.

All people are unique, and that’s why we tailor eating disorder treatment to your specific needs. In general, Exercise Bulimia, Binge/Purge, Diabulimia and EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) are the different types of Bulimia Nervosa that often require bulimia treatment. It is possible to go back and forth between different forms of disordered eating. It is common for Bulimia Nervosa to co-occur or be accompanied by another form of mental illness or substance abuse. Regardless of the type of eating disorder, bulimia treatment is the key that unlocks the prison door and grants freedom. No more asking, “Why am I doing this?” or thinking “Tomorrow I will stop.” No more broken promises.

Where someone goes for treatment is a deeply personal and important decision, often, a life decision. Anyone can stay in recovery when they are shielded from the real world and forced to do it, but often that's only temporary recovery.

We offer different phases of bulimia treatment at our bulimia treatment centers, which allows us to meet clients wherever they are on the path to recovery. We have our Extended Care, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Partial Day Treatment Programs, Family Support Groups, and Living in Recovery residences. Our clients have the benefits of CBT, DBT, equine therapy, family therapy, monitored meals, life skills counseling, and nutritional counseling. Rebecca's House is fully staffed with licensed therapists, psychologists, registered dietitians as well as contracted medical and psychiatric doctors who share Rebecca’s passion and expertise for eating disorder awareness, bulimia treatment and bulimia recovery. Rebecca’s House is the premier provider of eating disorder treatment and we are here not simply to treat the symptoms but to guide you to a life-long recovery.

While many people with Bulimia can appear to be of normal weight, the damage to internal organs can be unseen and the person needs bulimia treatment to insure their medical and psychological care is complete. Some people who seek Bulimia Treatment need to be medically stable before they can fully start the foundation for their long-term recovery. A full assessment can be done at the time of or prior to admission for bulimia treatment. Please contact us at 1-800-285-4642 for a free assessment to determine your specific needs for bulimia treatment or bulimia programs or therapists in your area.